Independent News Quiz

Wor-Wic Community College’s spring graduation exercises boasted 435 graduates. That same number — 435 — is:

A. The Area Code for Las Vegas.

B. The number of members in the House of Representatives.

C. The number of wins the Orioles have had in this decade.

D. The most popular Pick 3 Maryland Lottery number.

Ben’s Red Swings was built in Salisbury City Park:

A. 5 years ago.

B. 10 years ago.

C. 15 years ago.

D. 20 years ago.

Which two state lawmakers from Worcester County are squaring off in the 38th Senatorial District general election?

A. Harry Hughes and Barbara Mikulski.

B. Heather Mizeur and Anthony Brown.

C. Mike McDermott and Jim Mathias.

D. Charles Otto and Rich Colburn.

Last week, Salisbury Mayor Jim Ireton renewed his assault on:

A. Blighted city properties.

B. Non-conforming signs.

C. Wicomico River litter.

D. Lengthy City Council meetings.

California Chrome, the winner of the Preakness Stakes, wears what to improve his racing performance:

A. A skinnier jockey.

B. An Internet-linked computer timer.

C. Special racing horse shoes designed by Under Armour.

D. Breathing strips to aid in oxygen flow.

A local casting call for the ABC-TV show “Shark Tank’ drew approximately how many Salisbury-area entrepreneurs?

A. 200.

B. 300.

C. Less than 100.

D. More than 400.

Jim Perdue, chairman of Perdue Farms, has headed the company since:

A. 1990

B. 2000

C. 1991

D.  2001

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