John J. Allen: GSC applauds Gallery Building donation

The Greater Salisbury Committee applauds Palmer Gillis and Tony Gilkerson for the gift of the Gallery Building to Salisbury University.

It is a great example of philanthropy and visionary thinking. While we do not know how Salisbury University will utilize the building, we do know that it will bring a diverse group of people to the Downtown area.

It could be the perfect time and place to spark further development to provide the goods and services that increased pedestrian traffic will require.

Mr. Gillis and Mr. Gilkerson are entrepreneurs who have led many of the efforts to develop Downtown into a pleasant area to live, work and enjoy oneself. Their current action is no exception.

We encourage others to follow their lead and consider philanthropy that will make the Downtown area the hub that it should be.

The Salisbury area will be a richer and more vibrant place and re-emerge as the business, entertainment and cultural center of the region. Thanks for leading the way.

John J. Allen Jr. is Chairman of the Greater Salisbury Committee.

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