Salisbury History: Saturday, July 24, 1976

Saturday, July 24, 1976

  • Just back from the Democratic Convention where he was a delegate for Jimmy Carter, Salisbury lawyer John Nason helped Southern Maryland delegate Roy P. Dyson cut the ribbon on Dyson’s congressional campaign headquarters in Salisbury.
  • Workman from J. Roland Dashiell & Son. Inc. were attracting the attention of onlookers while working on the new City Government Building on North Division Street. The workers attached themselves to a crane hoist, then dangled in the air while attempting to fix leaks that had been reported throughout the structure. According to County Administrator Matt Creamer, the windows had experienced many leaks during a recent heavy rain.
  • Because of a July 15 fire that caused extensive damage, the Southern States Cooperative store was setting up a temporary location at the ag center on the corner of Rockawalkin Ridge and Brick Kiln Road.
  • The Spoked Wheel on North Salisbury Boulevard was selling a motor-bicycle called the Motobecane for $318. The motor bike was advertised as being able to go 218 miles on a gallon of gas.
  • “Taxi Driver,” starring Robert DeNiro and Jodie Foster, was playing at the Bowl Drive-In on Northwood Drive.
  • Bob and Lois Ann Long invited Salisbury residents to drive down and hear “The Conchords,” performing at the Mount Vernon Harbor Club. The dinner special was prime rib.
  • John Pinder of Nanticoke made a public announcement that he was forming a Civic Club to ensure all county residents were represented in county government, and “not just the people who live around Salisbury.” Pinder cited Councilman Vic Laws as a councilman with good ideas for the entire county.
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