Kim Hudson: Election choices have a lasting impact

Election Day is almost here. Does that make you happy?

We will see an end to political campaigning — the signs, phone calls, visits from candidates, debates, and commercials will all go away – for now. But the choices we make on Election Day will have a lasting impact on us.

Politics is not one of my favorite topics. However I make no bones about my passion for education in Wicomico County and the integral role our schools play in the overall picture of our community.

If you are like me, a mom with children in school, their education is one of my top priorities. I spend a good portion of my parenting time focused on school. Most of my conversations with other parents center around school.

Several years ago I put my passion into action and helped form a parent advocacy group. And currently I serve as a member of the Wicomico County Board of Education.

I truly feel that a strong education system is the backbone of a strong community.

This election is a very important one for our schools. With candidates vying for seats on the County Council and the County Executive position, plus the House of Delegates and Senate seats, our school system stands to gain or lose strong supporters. In some of these races the candidates have nearly opposite platforms regarding education.

Over the last several years we have seen a change in Wicomico County. Can you feel it? It’s a shift from a finger pointing, negative environment to one of promise and cooperation and hope.

There has been a movement happening with a renewed focus on the future of Wicomico County. There are great things happening and I feel strongly that it’s just the beginning but there is still much work to be done.

We cannot afford to move backwards now. Right now it is vital that we have the right people in office to continue the progress that has been made. We cannot afford to be swayed by bloggers who continue to tear us down, divide us and distract us from the real issues.

We cannot afford to follow the national model — we must do what is best for us here locally.

Our focus must remain on choosing the right people to lead us regardless of their political affiliation.

What is your vision for this community that we live in? What do you want for yourself and your family? Are you voting for the candidate that shares your vision?

The movement has started. Now it is our turn to keep the momentum going. If, like me, you are passionate about education in Wicomico County then join me in choosing leaders who share our desire for quality education. If you aren’t sure who those candidates are, just ask.

We cannot be a community that wants to have better schools, better teachers and better students. We must be a community that does what it takes to make that happen.

So we need to do our part.

Cast your vote on Tuesday. Vote for the person not the party. Vote for the person that will lead us into the future with cooperation, vision, passion and hope. Vote for the leaders who truly know the value of education in Wicomico County and what it means for our community.

Let’s keep the momentum going.

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