Letter: Salisbury Independent a pleasant surprise

Editor Of The Independent:

I was pleasantly surprised to see this new newspaper, Salisbury Independent,  in my mailbox and even more impressed upon reading its contents.

This kind of reporting is long overdue and it may very well create opportunities for local citizens to improve issues like schools, arts, business and entertainment in our town and county.

For far too long, the truth about local events and problems have either been offered in a distorted, angry and negative manner or worse yet – hidden altogether from the public.

It was so refreshing to finally see some attention to positive things happening on the Salisbury University campus too. Wow, somehow that never seemed important before.

It was also nice to see Jim Perdue’s interview in full length as well as shorter pieces on student successes and our Community Band announcement about summer concerts in the park.

We need true professionals reporting the news to us so we can make better decisions about what to support and what to fix in our community.

Here’s hoping you can keep the focus of this paper professional, balanced and of local interest and importance.

Lee Knier

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