Letter To The Editor: Howard Gordy epitomized our quality of community

The Salisbury Independent and reporter Susan Canfora are to be commended for the recent article about the passing of the Rev. Howard Gordy.

I did not know Rev. Gordy well, but from afar admired his kind spirit and generosity that he shared with my family earlier this year.

On one happy occasion, he participated in a birthday celebration for a relative and told wonderful, self-effacing stories about growing up in Salisbury. His remarks brought chuckles I suspect his former parishioners enjoyed when he was in the pulpit.

A month later, our family reached out to Rev. Gordy and asked if he might help guide us through the difficult journey of having a loved one enter hospice care.

He made regular visits to my relative’s bedside, where he offered those kind words familiar to so many Salisburians. As was his calling as a man of the cloth, each day he visited he said a prayer to help ease the sorry of those standing vigil.

Rev. Gordy graciously presided over the funeral, declining an honorarium we would have been privileged to have him accept. That’s the kind of man Rev. Gordy and his “Greatest Generation” peers are.

Rev. Gordy and his wife liked walk together for exercise near their City Park home, and I will miss seeing the two of them on the same route I take to exercise our dog.

Ms. Canfora’s article captured the essence of Rev. Gordy for those who knew him, or knew his reputation, or were not so fortunate to know him personally. He epitomized the quality of life I remember growing up as a Baby Boomer in Salisbury.

He will be missed.

Bill Robinson


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