Michael Whaley: Everyone wants great newspaper delivery

Nobody wants to go where they’re not wanted.

As distribution manager for the Salisbury Independent, the same thinking is applied to our newspaper delivery.

Each week, our carrier team distributes more than 5,500 copies of the Independent in neighborhoods in and around Salisbury. We try to ensure that the copies are properly bagged and left in a spot where the homeowner can quickly see them and easily pick them up.

We are careful to keep the papers from winding up in the street, gutter or sidewalk.

When our carriers see copies that haven’t been picked up, the procedure is that they’ll fetch them and review whether that home makes sense as a drop spot.

We are careful not to leave papers at obviously vacant properties.

The public’s reception to the Salisbury Independent has been overwhelmingly positive.

People like the newspaper, and that makes us happy. We recognize, of course, that not everyone might want the paper delivered — they might prefer to pick it up at a store or news stand.

We are happy to accommodate anyone who asks not to have the paper delivered.

To place your name and the address of your home on your “Do Not Deliver” list is simple. You can email readerservices@newszap.com or call 800-282-8586.

We are not the only newspaper being delivered in the market. The Daily Times has a product called the “Wicomico Weekly,” which is distributed in Salisbury and Fruitland neighborhoods.

Sometimes, people confuse our local weekly newspaper with this other paper. Here’s how to tell the difference:

The Salisbury Independent will most always be distributed in blue bags, which match our logo color and overall design. Wicomico Weekly is in a red bag.

So, if you see a blue-bagged newspaper, and you either don’t want it or don’t like where it’s placed, be sure and let us know. You can always email me directly at mwhaley@newszap.com.

If you are not now receiving the Independent and would like to, please let me know. We are always looking for new routes that make sense and will try to direct copies where they will best-serve readers and advertisers.

Irresponsible newspaper carriers can do a lot of damage to a news product.

We want to be a “community news positive,” not a “neighborhood trash negative.”

Thanks so much for reading Salisbury Independent, and please feel to contact me directly with any questions or concerns. Again, my email address is mwhaley@newszap.com.

As your community newspaper, we are committed to making Salisbury a better place. You can help support our mission by making a voluntary contribution to the newspaper.
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