Speak Out Salisbury: April Jackson, Fire Services

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April Jackson Facebook fury

The April Jackson Facebook story generated the most reaction this week as Salisbury sounds off. Three people wrote and suggested the Mayor and City Council fire her, which they can’t. This was the most typical reaction:

  • “So embarrassing. An embarrassment to Salisbury.” — Tom Bryant, Salisbury  

While a Change.Org petition has been launched and has about 400 signatures the process for recalling a council person is a complicated one. Those seeking Jackson’s removal would need validated signatures from 30 percent of the registered voters in District 1, which historically has notoriously low voter turnout.

Following her public apology Monday night, negative feedback seemed to lessen, although one submitter observed:

  • “Sorry. Too little, too late.”

Fire Services Agreement

  • “It’s great that Bob Culver and Jacob Day are receiving so much praise for the Fire Services Agreement. They have earned it. But let’s not forget that it was Jim Ireton who first started kicking the can down the road. Our former mayor deserves credit for his early efforts in this long process.”
  • “I sure was very pleased to see that the fire dispute and all of the funding fighting is over. Now we can all move on to the next crisis.”
  • “The Company No. 1 firefighters are being exiled to the airport? That hardly seems right.”

Other SOS submissions

  • “I love spring in Salisbury. Seems like winters aren’t as harsh as they used to be, but they go on longer. Spring in Salisbury has more meaning than ever.”
  • “I’ve been lucky now to attend two sporting events at the new ‘Shipyard’ where the JMB Clippers play. It’s so great that our kids have a field — and parents have a facility — that they deserve. I wasn’t sure about all the construction changes at (James M. Bennett High School), but now I ‘get it.’”

Today In History

  • “You people at the Salisbury Independent apparently decided to test my patience with your ‘Today In History’ feature last week. How could you leave the date off? Was the editor asleep?”

We received several notes and calls about this. More people read the history column than I ever imagined. The date that was featured was April 6, 1977. Not sure how I missed something so obvious.


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