Post your comments on Independent news stories

We are improving our website article commenting system.  The new system will create a better space for civil discussion of articles and public issues.  The new system will provide both greater access to our readers who wish to comment and greater controls to both readers and administrators to elevate well-crafted comments and demote uncivil ones. 

The new system is powered by World Table.  While the old system was only accessible to readers with a Facebook account, the World Table system now allows readers to login via Facebook, Google, email, or Disqus.  This makes commenting available to more readers.  The World Table system  also provides a more detailed categorization of comments with grades from “thought-provoking,” to “entertaining,” to “genuine and kindhearted,” as well as “unfair,” “spam,” and “uncivil.”  These new grades will provide a better control of unwelcome comments that, unfortunately, the internet is all too well-known for now.

The Salisbury Independent supports civil discussion on both sides of an issue but does not want to give hate-speech or abusive language a space.  We hope you will enjoy this new World Table system and use it to discuss and learn about issues of the day.

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