Public Forum: Now is time for Americans to unite

“There is no monopoly of common sense on either side of the political fence.” — Gordon Sumner

America Unite!

This should indeed be the battle cry for Americans nationwide. It is beyond personal preferences, beyond petty political ideologies, and certainly beyond the United States.

Our cities are burning with the hatred of a divided nation. The age old “us vs. them” instead of maintaining our status as the greatest free nation in the world. We distrust our leaders, we distrust our media outlets, and possibly embrace fiction to support our core desires regarding the news we choose to believe and digest.

There are barbarians at the gates folks, foreign enemies intent on the destruction of our values, and our very lives. We have a seemingly confused Secretary of State and U.N. Security Council wanting to feed our Israeli allies to their sworn enemies.

With a current U.S. tax revenue of $3.3 trillion, but a deficit of almost $20 trillion, we are $17 trillion in the red. Needless to say debt, is the great empire slayer.

In a time where ALL Americans should be unifying as one people under our great flag, we are in an internal war of what we feel we are entitled to versus what is realistic. This is the age of senseless shooting of our sworn protectors the police, senseless killing of our inner city youths, and a media who greedily accepts the outcome in the name of ratings and sponsor profits. Instead of focusing on the painful issues facing us as a nation the media elite feeds us “transgender bathroom” stories.

We have the ever increasing issue of illegal immigration, and poorly vetted refugees given tax funds that we cannot afford to support them while we face an ever growing homeless population.

I can go on and on, but the point is this folks:

If you see a fire do you stop and ask yourself if the fire supports your political ideologies? Or do you put it out as it is a threat to all involved?

If you see your neighbor in mortal danger, do you aid them to safety, or do you ask to see their voter registration card first?

President Elect Donald Trump will be sworn into office on Friday. I implore you to consider uniting with all that may disagree on the election results and let’s get to work repairing the divides that have deeply wounded us over the past decade.

Let there be no more Pro or Anti Trump. Let us all be Pro-America!

It’s going to take all of us together to emerge like a phoenix from our current condition.

Democrat or Republican, Black or White, Christian or Muslim, Gay or Straight, WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

By whatever god or lack thereof you believe in, let’s stand up and be counted as the greatest nation on earth ….Undivided.

Give it some thought.

Shawn Bradley is a Vice President of the Wicomico County Republican Club.


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