Salisbury History — Aug. 28, 1975

si-Sby Main Street-0522Thursday, Aug. 28, 1975

  • Some 500 members of the Wicomico Education Association gathered at the Civic Center to hear a 12-page speech titled “Excellence,” delivered by schools acting-superintendent Harold Fulton. Approximately 14,000 students were set to begin schools the following Tuesday. Fulton was the front-runner to replace the just-retired Royd A. Mahaffey.
  • An infestation of rats at the Humane Society facility on Marine Road was decried by a local veterinarian, a building contractor and a former Humane Society member, part of a group launching a petition demanding changes at the facility. Humane Society President Dan Gallagher blamed the large amount of dog food stored on the property as drawing the rats.
  • Howard Hayman, chairman of the United Fund, announced at a luncheon that the group’s 1975 goal would be to raise $200,000. The United Fund was the benefactor of 10 groups in Wicomico County, including the YMCA and Salvation Army.
  • Maryland Sen. J. Glenn Beall Jr. visited the Lower Shore Sheltered Workshop on Snow Hill Road, where he was given a tour by center director Richard Beals.
  • Frank B. Hanna announced the formation of the Wicomico Restaurant Association, of which he would serve as president. Hanna said he was hoping the group would have up to 35 Salisbury-area restaurateur-members who would band together to challenge what Hanna called Wicomico’s “old fashioned liquor laws.” Hanna is owner of the Royal Exchange Pub.
  • Banks Convenience Stores were offering “Banks Bread” on sale: Two loaves for .89 cents.
  • Allegheny Commuter/Henson Aviation Inc. announced there would be no further summer ground-shuttle runs between the Salisbury and Ocean City airports. It said srvice would resume next summer.

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