Salisbury History: Monday, Oct. 2, 1961

Monday, Oct. 2, 1961

  • Fashion Shop owner Bill Riordan announced he had purchased controlling interest in R.E. Powell and Co., one of the largest and oldest Main Street establishments. Riordan, who came to Salisbury from Denver eight years ago, will succeed Carl Trabin as R.E. Powell’s general manager.
  • Two Salisbury women were rushed to Peninsula General Hospital after a go-cart accident Saturday night at the East Side Men’s Club track on Glen Avenue Extended. Officials said the accident occurred when a cart driven by one of the women overturned, creating a chain-reaction crash.
  • After 17 accidents were recorded at the intersection of Pine Bluff Road and Camden Avenue, county officials agreed to post “Dangerous Intersection” signs in an attempt to reduce accidents.
  • Control of the WBOC radio stations and WBOC-TV was assumed by its new owners, the Baltimore Sunpapers and A.S. Abell & Co. Abell Vice President E.K. Jett said management of the operation would mostly remain in place. Charles J. Truitt, who had led the operation since its radio operation began in 1940, and TV began in 1954, will remain general manager.
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Glover, who recently moved from their home on Woodland Road to a new home on Woodridge Road, were given a large housewarming Friday night by their friends.
  • Christ Methodist Church received its charter during a special service held at Beaver Run Elementary School. Plans call for the construction of a church on 15 acres on Phillip Morris Drive.
  • Corn grown using Dekalb 805 fertilizer finished first in the Wicomico County Farm & Home Show. Corn grown with Dekalb 633 finished second.
  • Melvin Augusta Moore of Salisbury was fined $25 after a .22-caliber revolver, which he had taken to his kitchen job at Peninsula Regional Hospital, accidentally fire while he was showing the gun to several women employees in the hotel kitchen. No one was hurt in the accident.
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