Salisbury History: Saturday, Nov. 6, 1976

Saturday, Nov. 6, 1976

  • Thousands of people were expected to view and participate in Salisbury State College’s 1976 Homecoming Parade. Six months in the planning, the parade was set to feature the SSC Homecoming Court, the SSC Marching Band, the Air Force ROTC Marching Escort and Salisbury Mayor Elmer F. Ruark. Members of the Class of 1926, who were marking their 50th anniversary since graduation, were expected to ride a float made for them.
  • City police said two teen-agers — one from Parsonsburg, the other from Willards — were arrested on vandalism charges. There were accused of painting obscene words atop the College Avenue water tower in advance of Saturday’s Parkside-Bennett Homecoming Football Game.
  • Mayor Elmer F. Ruark also made news by proclaiming Nov. 8-14 a “Youth Appreciation Week.” Let it be known that we have faith in the ability of today’s youth as they assume responsible roles in the future of mankind,” Ruark said in a statement.
  • A count of absentee votes did not change the outcomes in any of Tuesday’s balloting. Gerald Ford defeated Jimmy Carter in Wicomico, 10,537 to 9,412.
  • The office of State’s Attorney Richard D. Warren has moved. The prosecutor will occupy a larger space on the first floor of the courthouse, leaving behind a cramped space upstairs where three prosecutors and two secretaries shared three small rooms. The office has no sign yet, but is located between rooms 101 and 102 on the left side of the corridor as visitors enter the courthouse from the main door.
  • Judge Robert Dallas cleared H. George Coe of Camelot Apartments of falsely representing himself as a mortgage office for a loan company. Though prosecutors said Coe had been acting under false pretenses, they judge said Assistant State’s Attorneys Henry L. Vineyard failed to prove Coe had deceived Mr. and Mrs. Archie B. Elliott of Salisbury in their effort to obtain a loan.
  • Don Hales, ticket chairman for the Asbury United Methodist Church Thanksgiving Breakfast announced tickets for the event were nearly sold-out.

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