Salisbury History — Sept. 25, 1975

Tuesday, Sept. 25, 1975

  • City officials announced North Division and Baptist streets around the county courthouse would be closed for several weeks as contractors began demolishing the Chantry House and other building to make way for the new $3.3 million Government Office Building. Calvert Street by the courthouse would be closing forever, to make room for a government plaza.
  • Local gas stations were preparing to reopen after closing Monday in protest of President Nixon’s Phase 4 Price Controls. The stations agreed to reopen after the president’s Cost of Living Council agreed to debate a gas price hike. Many Salisbury residents were inconvenienced during Monday’s protest.
  • Stephan Graham, director of the Salisbury Zoo, reported that seven squirrel monkeys, that had escaped their cages over the weekend and had been subject of an exhaustive search, were found holed up in an old tree on the zoo property. Graham predicted the monkeys would take several days to catch. Police said someone may have broken a lock to the monkey cage in an attempt to steal the animals, and they escaped.
  • Entering his second week in office following an Aug. 21 special election, Congressman Bob Bauman announced he had met with Vice President Spiro T. Agnew and encouraged the former Maryland governor to continue fighting allegations concerning bribes and kick-backs.
  • Salisbury Mayor Dallas Truitt, during a city debate over what to pay a possible director for Poplar Hill Mansion, attacked Wicomico officials for throwing local governmental salaries into disarray by agreeing to pay new county Finance Director Joseph Schiller $23,000 annually. Schiller’s predecessor, Robert J. Harden, was paid $12,740. Truitt predicted city department heads would soon be demanding higher pay.
  • Robbie Messick, a second-grader at Fruitland Primary who lives on Kingwood Drive, caught the largest Black Drum ever recorded. Robbie weighs 47 pounds, the fish weighed 103. It was caught near the Deal Island No. 16 buoy. The state record had been 98 pounds.
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