Salisbury Memory: Hess Apparel’s ‘Stag Nite’

Hess Stagg Nite,jpg

One of Hess Apparel’s noted events was their annual men only, “Stag Nite,” which was held in December.

Over the years, Stag Nite gained in popularity and turned out to be a fun night.

During the Stag Nite event, the men received personal attention from sales persons as they shopped for their wives, daughters and friends.

Hess served free liquid refreshments and assorted foods, including what would become famous steamship roast beef.

Hess also offered the men a special discount that night and free wrapping and delivery.

One of the highlights of the evening was a fashion show with modeling done by some of the area’s best-looking women.

We at Hess Apparel also hosted Stag Night at our Easton and Dover locations.

In Dover, in 1972, a women’s organization complained that women were not allowed in the store on Stag Nite. They formally complained to the state of Delaware.

To avoid any litigation, we held what Hess called a “Compliance Night,” where we offered everyone similar holiday sales benefits.

On that special night, the Dover store manager wore a striped suit, looking like prison garb.

Newspapers all over the country picked up on the story and we all had a good laugh — and a good sales night, too.

Don Sullivan, a retired longtime buyer for the Hess family’s stores, lives in Salisbury with his wife, Sue.

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