Shawn Bradley: For GOP, many promises to keep

And so the 2016 election cycle has come and gone, and to the joy and sorrow of our people our Grand Old Party has won the American political trifecta. We have absolute control of the Oval Office, the Senate and the House of Representatives.

This also means the Republicans have a better than good chance at appointing Supreme Court justices, launching a strong era of conservative lawmaking not seen in decades.

This has been about much more that the celebrity of Donald Trump; it’s been an overwhelming shout of social and political activism toward sanity.

But then again we all know this don’t we?

The real issue in the room is what it took to get here, and what it will take to stay.

Now is the time to cast light on the fact that we are not for “big business” as cliches might recommend, but American economic expansion maneuvers in this new global market. We will not allow countries to flood our markets with imports while these same nations block our own exports.

We need to keep our promises to the American worker by relaxing regulation on corporate America, making it not so attractive to ship our factories and salaries overseas. We have promised to create jobs in America that increase our quality of life.

Listen up GOP, if we fail on this promise there is no going back.

We need to keep our promise to protect our shores and cities from those who would harm our people and our way of life. This is done by rebuilding our Armed Forces and allowing our fighting forces to do their jobs, not to apologize and pay ransoms to sworn enemies of our state.

We have promised to build the heroes of our police forces. If we fail on this promise, we have let down and put in harm’s way the courageous men and women who risk their lives on a daily basis. To not do so is failure.

We have vowed to encourage and promote immigration, as long as it is legal and properly vetted. We are not an open-border nation, and as Republicans we have promised for this to remain.

To accomplish this, sanctuary cities must cease, and those who wish be given the chance to remain legally. Southwestern borders must be given the resources our U.S. Border Patrols absolutely need to do their jobs, not to throw millions toward undocumented aliens.

No one can be sure of President-elect Trump’s actual plan of a wall paid for by Mexico, and frankly it’s irrelevant. We have promised to secure our borders. Period. To not do so is failure.

Now is the time not to sit back and laugh and pay attention to protests. The way to silence protests, is to act and honor our promises. Now is the time to stand up and FIGHT.

Fight to honor our promises, and fight to honor our promises. We need to earn the entire respect of the populus, not just those who agree with us. Let’s get this done.

Shawn Bradley is a Vice President of the Wicomico County Republican Club.

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