Speak Out Salisbury: Courthouse, Betty Webster

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Courthouse repairs
•“I’m pretty upset that it’s taken this long to begin repairs on the old Courthouse. How did it get so bad so fast?”
•”With all the public-private partnerships going on (Sea Gull Square and Salisbury University housing), why doesn’t Wicomico County explore making the Courthouse project an effort that’s consolidated with private enterprise?”

Like any 139-year-old building, the Wicomico County Courthouse has repair needs that arise almost every day. Something always needs fixing. Because of the slow recovery from the Great Recession and capital spending needs for new county school buildings, county spending was greatly hampered in recent years, and the Courthouse was viewed as a project to tackle when better times returned. The nearly $800,000 now being spent on these exterior repairs (expedited because of storm damage last summer) are but a portion of the work that will be needed building-wide.

Dance teacher Betty Webster
•“Very much enjoyed the Salisbury Independent’s coverage on the April 1 event being planned for Betty Webster. Thank you for recognizing this great lady who has made such a difference in the lives of our young women.”
•“Brice Stump’s photographs of Betty Webster and dancing students were phenomenal. Thank you!”
•“Betty: Love your talent and your spirit. You are a great example for people on how to live, and stay young and positive!”
•“Brice Stump is awesome. Miss Betty is awesome. Nice work Salisbury Independent.”

Our Betty Webster feature was the highest feedback subject of the week. See Susan Canfora’s story and Brice Stump’s photo gallery at salisburyindependent.net.

Other SOS submissions
•“Doctor’s have HIPPA Laws that protect patient privacy, why don’t auto repair shops? I was in Jiffy Lube waiting for my service to be completed, when the the manager announced before a packed waiting room the complete and very long list of my automobile’s maladies. Then, when he asked if I change my oil every 3,000 miles, and I replied yes, the whole room burst out in laughter. It was embarrassing.”
•“Now I know why the county wouldn’t paint that ugly, rusted water tower at Perdue Stadium: There was a plan to tear it down! Thanks Salisbury Independent for your photos and coverage. I should think before I complain.”

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