Speak Out Salisbury: More HQ Live, Mathias race

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Headquarters Live — continued

  • Much praise should be given to Brad Gillis and Joey Gilkerson for their tremendous effort in establishing Headquarters Live. While it is no longer feasible for them to continue operating the venue, I am confident that they are far from finished at bringing exciting additions to the revitalization of Downtown Salisbury. As a longtime resident, I have heard lots of talk and seen very little action on bringing Downtown back from the dead. Mr. Gillis and Mr. Gilkerson “talked the  talk and walked the walk.” I eagerly anticipate their next venture, knowing it will be another step in improving our city. — James V. Fineran
  • Thanks you for your Headquarters Live story. Although I’m sure you have your own biases in writing it, at least some media source in this town chose to tell us what happened.

Lower Shore Enterprises

  • Please let me offer a very happy 50th birthday to Lower Shore Enterprises. Too many people haven’t heard of this amazing group. The lives they change and the contribution they may to our community should be trumpeted far and wide. Happy Birthday, Lower Shore Enterprises!

Mathias re-election

  • Your story about Republicans in Maryland preparing to go after (State Sen.) Jim Mathias is one of those made up fake news stories you people in the media come up with to try to prove you’re important.

We had a few comments in this vein, as well as the usual slam Mathias/support Mathias commentary feedback. The story originated in The Washington Post and quoted state GOP officials who are in a position to know. In her quote in our story, Delegate Mary Beth Carozza did not dismiss the report and said she will consider the challenge.

Route 50 repair work

  • I saw in your Route 50/Salisbury Parkway story that they’re reducing the lanes from three to two down by Wi-Middle. That will only make it easier for the speed cameras there to catch more people.

The lanes are being narrowed because the center island is being widened to better control pedestrians (primarily middle school students) who sometimes cross without using the proper crossing lanes.

  • I have often thought the Salisbury Parkway was kind of pretty, but that more could be done to make it look even better. Needs more trees, better lighting, more flora and fauna on the hillsides under the overpasses.

Other items:

  • It’s going to be beautiful this week for 3rd Friday. Home everyone gets out there.
  • Looking forward to the Book Fair this Saturday Downtown in front of the library.
  • I see so many bald eagles now around Wicomico County that I’m wondering if we maybe have too many of them! They’re everywhere!

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