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New tower in park

  • A new Emergency Communications tower is now being built between the Civic Center parking lot and the City Park, alongside the intersection of two well-travelled streets. There is no signage explaining the project as there should be. How tall and what will it look like? Neighbors are worried that it will visually detract from citizens’ recreational experience AND that it will be vulnerable to terrorist car bombing. Are other ECC sites being planned so “quietly ” without public input throughout our community?  — N. Roisum

We heard about this over the winter, but hadn’t gotten a story prepared yet. Humble apologies! The tower is a crucial piece in the new county-wide emergency communications network. The multi-million-dollar system — being paid for by both the city and county — will guarantee radio penetration throughout Salisbury and  Wicomico County. The new radio system has been part of the county’s Capital Spending Budget for nearly five years, but in news stories we have only mentioned it in passing. The tower in the park will indeed be a big one: It will stand 150-feet-tall and have a flat top that will allow a future upward extension, if necessary.

Headquarters Live to close

  • So it’s part of the plan to vitalize Downtown? How does eliminating a venue for live entertainment and events to move in a newspaper promote more retail and social traffic downtown? I don’t have any malice toward The Daily Times but this is not something most people are going to be excited about. —– Jordan Bradford
  • No more Headquarters Live? Why can’t we ever have anything that’s nice?
  • Even though Headquarters Live is going away, I have to give credit to Brad (Gillis) and Joey (Gilkerson) for trying to make it work. It was a great idea, just maybe it was ahead of its time?

Salisbury Parkway improvements

  • The big trucks have been out all night the last two weeks, grinding up Route 50 through the center of Salisbury. What’s up?

The State Highway Administration is implementing a multi-million-dollar safety program for the roadway. See our story in today’s edition.

Doverdale lacrosse

  • Thank you Susan Canfora for your story about the Doverdale lacrosse league. And even bigger thanks, of course, to Judge Matt Maciarello for hatching the idea. And even more thanks to State’s Attorney Ella Disharoon and Salisbury Police Chief Barbara Duncan and her police officers for showing such commitment to all of this. The whole thing just makes me feel good about Salisbury and the people who are showing the leadership to make it better.
  • I got a big smile over the Doverdale story. This neighborhood seems forgotten, but it’s a really important one for the city. If some good things could just happen in Doverdale, it would be something that possibly spreads to other neighborhoods.

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