Speak Out Salisbury: Property taxes, flags

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County tax cuts

  • I saw on your website that the Wicomico Council has decided to cut property taxes. Why cut taxes when our schools are so underfunded as it is? Will we ever respect education here?
  • Knock me over with a feather — our government cut taxes?
  • The County Council sure seemed proud of itself with the cuts it agreed to that also allowed a tax rate cut. If you really look at the budget — and I have — they could have cut a lot more and returned even more to the taxpayers.
  • I am a teacher and was at the hearing in April where we asked the county to pay for the computer laptop cards that are needed in my school and others. It felt like no one was listening, but I guess they really were. The teachers and our students thank you.

The council last Thursday cut County Executive Bob Culver’s proposed spending plan by $684,783, thereby lowering the property tax rate by slightly more than a penny. The council used about $328,000 of the cuts to help fund a $429,000 for county schools needs. The money will go toward laptop carts that have been requested for multiple schools.

Rotary flag display

  • The U.S. flags out on Route 50 that were put there as part of the Memorial Day (celebration) are truly beautiful, especially when they are lit up at night. Nice that the Rotary clubs did that again this year.

Salisbury Is Working

  • I loved that “Salisbury Is Working” advertisement you all had last week featuring Katarina Ennerfelt, the president of Toroid Corp. She is a businesswoman that all of us in the Salisbury community should study, in the hopes that we might one day emulate her. She is someone who doesn’t merely ask “Why?” — she asks “Why not?” The welding school she created with ARCON Welding is the mark of someone who sees a problem — and then fixes it.

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