Speak Out Salisbury: Salisbury Festival, Air Quality

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Salisbury Festival
•“Thank goodness they’re bringing back the Salisbury Festival. I used to love that thing!”
Yes, Salisbury Festival will return June 2-4 with an adjusted name: The Downtown Salisbury Festival.

Air Quality report
•“I read in your newspaper that Salisbury’s air quality was good and better than most of the country. They must have taken the measurement when the chicken plant was turned off.”
The Realtor.com report relied on federal EPA data. The Salisbury area also apparently has some geographic advantages that allows air to flow strongly at various altitudes.

Courthouse repairs
•“It took them a week to get the scaffolding up on the one side of the Courthouse. If it took that long, the project there will never be finished.”
CEEPCO Contractors of Silver Spring, Md., was the low bidder. They have 120 days to complete the contracted repairs or they face penalties that are clearly stated in the contract. Salisbury’s own George Miles & Burr are the engineers on the $782,000 project.

What’s next for Labinal?
•“I see the Labinal building on Glen Avenue still doesn’t have anything going on there. Did people in this county really think a new manufacturer would come to the rescue?”
Funny you would mention that: Here’s the latest news on the Glen Avenue facility.

Other SOS submissions
•“Just want to give a quick shout out to Martin Hutchison and his work with the community gardens.”
•“Everytime I pick up your newspaper, there’s a story that the university is building something new. When will it all be enough?”

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