Tonney Insley: What role will you play in our future?

I am a local citizen. I am a local business person. I am a member of our community of Salisbury, Maryland and Wicomico County. I have roots on the Eastern Shore, and I returned to those roots as a son, a brother, and now a father and husband. I am proud of this place, my town and the people that make it home.

Tonney Insley.

I have seen in my own time the ebb and flow of change. I have heard much more about the tides of change that our community has navigated over the years.

I have spoken to community elders of the great highs and lows that have been a part of life here on the Shore and of the people that weathered the storms and grew fortune from the fruits of time and labor.

I see now men and women that demonstrate their devotion to this home through sweat equity, vision, collaboration and partnership.

From the core of our city, in the midst of our rich history, I have seen the public leadership meet with the private dreamers to create a path, a paved plan to bring progress and inspiration to those who will accept it.

I have witnessed members of our community take risks larger than themselves, for reasons beyond just personal economic gain. These visionaries are not just those who build and rebuild, not just those who buy or sell.

They are risk-takers willing to see their dream a reality at all costs.

They are idealists that have a passion for this place and want to share a piece of their being with our community in the hopes that we all win.

Bricks and mortar, sidewalks and streetscapes, trees and parks, buildings tall or short are but a step toward a future for my home — your home — that we can not only be proud of, but that we all can call a triumph.

Our city of Salisbury, the Capital of the Eastern Shore, has embraced change that can foster transformation and bring opportunity to those who will have it. We must be willing to support transformation and allow unintended consequences of progress to be nothing more than obstacles worthy of overcoming.  

I cannot make others believers, but I am quite sure that the dreamers, the visionaries, the risk-takers have more in store for us and that we will all stand to profit.

I like to think that I am a contributor and that my role in the accomplishments of those willing to push for achievement, for change, for the advancement of our community is my part to play in our collective success.

We can likely go faster on our own, but I know we will go farther together.

What role will you play?

Wade Hampton “Tonney” Insley IV lives in Salisbury.

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