2015 Salisbury Award will honor Norm Conway

A man who has devoted his life and career to making Salisbury a better place will be this year’s recipient of the 2015 Salisbury Award.

The award’s trustees announced that Norman H. Conway will be honored later this summer in recognition of his outstanding dedication and service to our community.

Conway, the award’s trustees said, has demonstrated a commitment throughout his lifetime to helping others in a variety of ways: as an educator, a fireman, a city councilman, a state delegate and more, all while advancing to key leadership positions along the way.

The Salisbury Award is the community’s oldest and most prestigious independent civic award.

First given in 1926, the award was established and originally endowed by local businessman G. William Phillips to recognize “service that has been the greatest benefit to the happiness, prosperity, intellectual advancement or moral growth of the community.”

Phillips’ role in creating the award was unknown by the general public until his death some 25 years later.

Conway will be honored for his contributions and presented with The Salisbury Award plaque for 2015 at a special reception on the campus of Salisbury University in late June.

In addition to presenting a plaque to memorialize his selection, the Trustees will make a donation in the amount of $500 to a nonprofit organization chosen by the honoree.

This ceremony will mark the 63rd time The Salisbury Award has been presented to an individual or an organization since the award’s inception.

As the 2015 recipient, Norman Conway will join a special group that includes previous honorees such as James M. Bennett, Avery Hall, Richard Henson, Frank Perdue, Dick Hazel, Sam Seidel, Paul Martin, Virginia Layfield, Mitzi Perdue, Lewis Riley, Pete Cooper, George Whitehead, Tony Sarbanes and Bill Ahtes.

Ben’s Red Swings, the Community Foundation of the Eastern Shore and last year’s recipient, The Magi Fund, are among the organizations to be recognized in recent years.

To learn more about The Salisbury Award and its history, including a list of all the honorees since 1926, please visit the new Facebook page that is currently under construction and will be updated as more history is gathered. The address is facebook.com/thesalisburyaward.


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