Apparent tornado wreaks havoc in south Salisbury

A quick-moving tornado blew through South Salisbury Boulevard this afternoon, stirring winds to a reported 100 mph, flipping six cars and badly affecting Hopper’s Taphouse.

One minor injury was reported.

An employee at Hopper’s said the business, at 1400 South Salisbury Boulevard, would be closed the remainder of today.

“A lot of stuff happened. It’s too much to list,” he said.

Buz Carragher, owner of Salisbury Cycle, said his building, at 1404 Salisbury Boulevard, wasn’t damaged but that an antique bicycle in a sign was torn away and some light fixtures were broken.

Firefighters inspected the roof and didn’t find anything serious, he said.

Behind him, he said, a structure Salisbury University used for storage suffered extreme damage. That building’s roof was ripped off and the brick structure almost appeared as if it exploded.

“Cars were hurled on top of each other. A car flipped over on Dogwood Drive between Cheers and Hopper’s. I heard that Hopper’s two air compressors ripped out of the roof. One was said to be on the ground. They had to cut electric service back to them for the food,” Carragher said.

A huge tree in the Route 13 median also snapped in half.

Emergency crews responded to several calls after the 1:30 p.m. incident and city and county officials were quickly out surveying damage, Carragher said.

The tornado appeared to have skipped over the university’s athletic complex and knocked several trees down in the Princeton Homes neighborhood off Eastern Shore Drive.

“What they say about it sounding like a freight train is absolutely accurate. I’ve never experienced anything like that before,” Carragher said.

He said a firefighter told him another storm is expected this afternoon, but that he was hoping “lightning won’t strike twice.”


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