Blind Industries opens Healthy Avenue wellness path

Employees and students at Blind Industries & Services of Maryland have a place to go for fresh air and a leisurely walk, now that Healthy Avenue is open.

The one-third mile wellness path around the property at the building on Naylor Mill Road was dedicated on Sept. 15.

Mayor Jake Day, board member and former Maryland Delegate Norm Conway and Delegates Carl Anderton, Mary Beth Carozza and Chris Adams joined employees of Blind Industries and guests for the first stroll.

Amy Crouse, program manager and rehabilitation teacher, pronounced the event a success and thanked those “who all joined us for a wonderful ribbon cutting and healthy walk around our beautiful Healthy Avenue wellness path.”

Guests from the Community Foundation and K&L Microwave were there, as well as vendors and local residents.

K&L Microwave, the business next door, donated two picnic tables and there are benches on the walkway.

“In our production facility, a lot of people are sitting all day and during lunchtime and break time they want to get out and walk. There are no sidewalks … the new walking path surrounds the perimeter of the parking lot,” Crouse said.

About 20 people learn life skills at Blind Industries and there are about 80 associates, she said.

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