Salisbury officials declare war on potholes

Mayor Jim Ireton is touting the progress of Salisbury Public Works in addressing that winter leftover problem: POTHOLES!

This release is a report on the work of SPW during the month of March, and a request for the public to use technology provided by the city to help repair even more potholes.

Staff from the Salisbury Department of Public Works perform “pothole patrols” of City streets looking for new potholes as they appear. Temporary patches are made using a cold paving material until warmer temperatures allow for heated paving material to make a more durable repair.

During the weeks of March 9th and March 16th crews patched 1,302 potholes throughout the City.

One of the unwanted consequences of this winter’s extreme cold temperatures is the appearance of potholes in our streets.

Potholes are formed as a result of the freezing of water under the street surface which causes the pavement to swell.

As the water melts a void is created, and the pavement begins to break up and collapse into the hole. The more times the ground freezes and thaws over the course of the winter, the greater the potential for more potholes.

Residents are encouraged to report the location of any potholes on city streets to the Salisbury City Service Center during business hours from 8 to 4:30 at 410-548-3177, or by using the City Mobile Device App. Information on downloading the App is available at:

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