City Election Preview: Day ready to serve as mayor


Salisbury voters go to the polls on Tuesday, Nov. 3. Jake Day is the sole candidate for the seat, but is still running a campaign in preparation for his ascension to office.


Candidate – Jake Day,  unopposed

Five years from now, predicted the well-liked and energetic Jake Day —   who is already being addressed as Mr. Mayor by celebratory supporters on Facebook — Salisbury will be prosperous.

“We will be the envy of other communities similar in size to us and no matter what, we will be the crystal clear capital of the Eastern Shore,” the 33-year-old urban planner said, his voice rising in victory, told a crowd of about 70, and live TV audience, at a candidates’ forum last week.

“We will feel more like a university town and less like a town with a university in it. We will have a better downtown. We can do a lot in five years,” said Day, a military officer who, with his wife Liz, has a two-month-old daughter named Lilly Deborah.

Day decided to run for City Council four years ago, he said, because he was “embarrassed by a dysfunctional government.”

It was his pleasure he said, “to restore honor to the city and it will be an honor now to lead the city forward as mayor.”

His ambitious goals include making the city competitive, vibrant and growing, one that boasts an enviable quality of life.

“We must invest in our heart and soul. We must do something to ensure the future for the youth of our city,” he said, adding he wants a bright future not only for his  daughter, but for all youth.

“In 20 years, Salisbury would have a brand and a spirit that match. I see us continuing to grow. I see us being a more economically diverse place with more medium-sized businesses. Large industries will begin to grow with us,” he told the Salisbury Independent when he announced his candidacy.

“I wouldn’t run for mayor if I wasn’t confident I could do it. I don’t have a healthy enough ego to think I can do it without the city council and the community being there with me,” he said.

As council president, he felt he was unsuccessful at achieving the level of partnership between county and state representatives and community institutions that he would have liked. Even so, he’s confident the city is heading toward a new dawn and he vowed to focus on the economy, jobs and economic development.

Day believes the community, often affected by juvenile crime, should offer activities that are free and “accessible to every kid born and raised in Salisbury.”

Increasing home ownership to at least 50 percent is another priority, a 16 percent leap from the current ownership rate of only 34 percent.

Day’s enthusiasm continued through to his closing remarks at the candidates’ forum, moderated by Ernie Colburn, executive director of the Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce.

“Real jobs are up. There has been an increase since the great recession in the actual number of jobs and we’re the only county in Maryland to have that. The stage is set.

“I will be working full time, day and night, for you. My name is Jake Day and I’m excited to be your next mayor,” he said to rousing applause.

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