City implements new phone system to improve service

Salisbury’s new phone system, unveiled last week by Salisbury Mayor Jake Day, allows residents to reach any city department, or learn about upcoming activities, by dialing a single number – 833-SBY-CITY.

Callers are immediately thanked for contacting the city and told it’s the staff’s pleasure to serve them. They are instructed to dial 911 if they have an emergency.

Otherwise, several options are offered, to reach the police for a non-emergency matter; pay invoices, taxes or tickets; report a street light out, pothole, rubbish or neighborhood concern; apply for a permit; discuss a business-related issue; apply for a job or internship; talk  to someone in the Human Resources Department; reach the mayor’s office; learn about upcoming events Downtown; find out about redevelopment; obtain information about the National Folk Festival coming to Salisbury in September; reach the Salisbury Zoo; locate someone at the fire department to help install a smoke detector or car seat; speak to the City Clerk; find City Council agendas; procure help for the homeless; and resolve technical needs.

Discussing the new phone system as he stood in front of the Government Office Building, Day explained it’s designed to make it easier for citizens to “reach services and find answers to their questions.”

The city has hundreds of numbers that even he can’t remember, he said, touting the “intuitive and logical phone system that keeps you no more than two pushes of a button away from a real live human being.”

“This is a very, very user-friendly system. The 833-SBY-CITY system has a mobile app associated with it that parallels our Website,” Day said, explaining concerns won’t just be relayed, but tracked. The person who reports the problem can know when it was resolved and who resolved it.

City Council President Jack Heath said the system was necessary because callers to city offices who didn’t know the extension they needed invariably reached the mayor’s assistant, “eating up her time.”

“With this new set-up, they will get where they have to go. The new system will give them options to where they want to go,” Heath said.


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