City making progress on sidewalk, curb repairs

 Salisbury officials are making progress in eliminating a backlog of approximately 300 sidewalk repairs, dating as far back as 2010.

With funding in the city’s FY2014 budget and under a new construction contract with the Department of Public Works, during the last 6 months almost one-third of the repair backlog has been completed, according to Mayor Jim Ireton.

These repairs include addressing curb damage, heaved sidewalks and tree damage where the city has responsibility for the repairs, the mayor said.

The majority of the repairs, however, were linked to sidewalk removal associated with repair and replacement of old water services as a part of efforts to improve the city water system.

According to Public Works Director Mike Moulds, funding approved in the FY2015 budget, which takes effect July 1, will eliminate the complete repairs backlog within the next 12 months.

City residents can report needed sidewalk and curb repairs by using their smart phone to take a picture, then by accessing the city of Salisbury’s mobile app.

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