City offers College Avenue water tower property for sale

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The city-owned water tower on College Avenue will be demolished and bids accepted on the property.

If it’s sold, the new buyer must pay to raze the tower.

It is isn’t sold, the city will demolish it in FY18, at an estimated cost of $51,000, according to a recent memo to City Council from Jennifer Miller, assistant  director of internal services.

“The water tower hasn’t   been used in years. It’s just a structure. We are tearing it down because there has been an inquiry to buy the property,” explained Jake Day, president of the Salisbury City Council.

He said he doesn’t know who is interested in making the purchase.

Chris Demone, who handles public relations for the city, said the tower held 375,000 gallons, but hasn’t been used since the city erected the new, two million-gallon tower at Salisbury University.

At a recent City Council meeting, the tower was declared surplus.

Miller said the city is “working on bid documents to put the property for sale as-is,  meaning that the new owner will be responsible for demolition of the tower.”

On Jan. 23, Miller sent the City Council a memo stating the city was notified someone was interested in the property, city parcel 0649.

The tower is no longer needed by the Department of Public Works.

“An appraisal has not been done on this property … the mayor, city administrator and Salisbury public works recommend that the city solicit offers for the property,” Miller wrote in the memo.

“Should the property remain owned by the city, the city would bear the cost of removal,” the memo stated.

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