City police to purchase weapons, speed equipment

A funding request to buy weapons and speed measuring equipment for the police department was approved by Salisbury City Council May 27.

Some of the money was from selling brass casings, from ammunition used during recertification training, to Delmarva Recycling. The money was put in the city’s general fund.

Maj. David Meienschein of the police department said he asked City Council for a budget amendment “to recognize the revenue has been received by the city and to increase the police department budget in the same amount to purchase service weapons for new officers.”

City Council approved an ordinance stating, “Delmarva Recycling, Inc. has paid the city $1,820, which was placed in the general fund. The Salisbury Police Department has use for the funds received from the recycled brass shell casings to purchase service weapons for new police officers. “

Meienschein also asked for money for two speed measuring devices. He said they will be used at the Salisbury Festival, for road work and construction, traffic studies including unmanned speed measurement and traffic management.

He said they will improve public safety “by providing information on road conditions, road closures, detours and weather conditions” and free city employees from the responsibility of duties.

The cost for both devices, including freight, is $30,108, he said. The police department requested funds  be taken from current year surplus.

The request was approved 4-0, with Councilwoman Terry Cohen absent.

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