City reports on Princeton Homes effort

During the week of July 14-18, 2014, the city conducted its first “Service Week,” focusing on the Princeton Homes and Presidents Area neighborhoods.

Participating departments were Department of Public Works, Salisbury Police Department, Salisbury Fire Department, Building Permits and Inspections, and Neighborhood Services & Code Compliance.

The Salisbury Police Department performed “Knock & Talks” throughout the neighborhood and opened the Princeton Homes Substation welcoming residents to visit.

The Salisbury Fire Department knocked on doors offering free smoke alarm checks. The Department of Neighborhood Services & Code Compliance evaluated properties for potential property maintenance issues and educated occupants of those possible concerns.

The Department of Public Works performed a great deal of work in this area, ranging from cleaning storm drains to repairing sidewalks.

Salisbury Fire Department:

Structures Visited: 605

Granted Access: 137

Smoke Alarms Distributed: 52

Smoke Alarms Found Inoperable: 47 (batteries replaced)

Department of Public Works:

Storm Drains Cleaned: 70

Streets Sprayed & Weeded: 38

Swept By Street Sweepers: 22

Tree Trimming Locations: 45

Feet of Sanitary Sewer Cleaned: 410

Neighborhood Services & Code Compliance:

Structures Visited: 566

Structures without Violations: 156

Structures with Possible Violations: 410

“I applaud the efforts of all of our departments as they work together to make neighborhoods better. We have made a difference in many ways in Princeton Homes,” said Mayor Jim Ireton.

“As we head toward Lincoln Avenue, and the area that reaches Snow Hill Road, we continue to be committed to a safer, better looking, and a more code compliant city.”

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