Salisbury achieves impressive jobs growth ranking

As Salisbury flourishes, there’s more good news – this time impressive job growth.

The Salisbury-Delaware area has increased into the top 15 percent of metro areas for a boost in jobs. That’s according to the annual Metro Jobs Report for the second quarter of 2015, released by the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

“The best news is, compare available jobs to the latest unemployment numbers, 3,390 in Wicomico — 6.8 percent and dropping — almost as many jobs available as there are people looking for jobs,” said a proud Mayor Jake Day.

There are currently 3,181 advertised jobs available in both private and public employment in Wicomico County, with a mean wage of $41,728, according to the Maryland Department of Labor’s Maryland Workforce Exchange. That’s the highest on the Delmarva Peninsula, Day said.

And, the governor’s office is reporting Wicomico is the only county to add jobs on the Shore since the recession began in 2009. The Lower Shore, including Worcester and Somerset counties, boasts 5,335 jobs available as of April.

Salisbury tallied the 42nd fastest growth of jobs among America’s 318 metropolitan areas, and was the fastest growing job market in Maryland, the Mid-Atlantic and the Northeast United States.

“That’s pretty newsworthy, Day said.

“We know what those 41 cities have been doing for a long time and we, in that same sense, have been doing a lot of the same things for the last two to three years. We’re continuing that same work, which is place-based revitalization and trying to keep young people here. That’s the name of the game,” Day said.

In Salisbury, the median age of residents is 28.8, younger than most cities and the lowest in Maryland, the mayor said.

“It indicates to me first and foremost that we have a lot we want to do to positon our workforce, the people who are looking for jobs. I’m proud of the direction we’re heading,” he said.

Replying to a question posted on Facebook last weekend, Day said the record job growth the city is enjoying is the “highest ever ranked nationally.”

Salisbury is the only city in the northeast that’s among the 50 fastest growing job markets in America. Most local positions are in health care, as well as in manufacturing, administrative, accommodation, hotels, retail and finance.

“Also, we just hit records in terms of in-commuting from Sussex, Worcester and Somerset counties for daily employment. Each is over 20 percent. Accomack and Dorchester counties are close behind,” he said.

Of the 100 fastest growing job markets in the United States, only four were in the northeast quadrant of the continental United States — Salisbury, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Barnstable, Mass.

All others were in the southeast, southwest and western parts of the country.

“From the research triangle to the Canadian border, and from the Missouri River to the Atlantic Ocean, no metro area is adding jobs faster than Salisbury. Our job now is to ensure that those economic gains continue and are felt more evenly throughout our community,” Day said.

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