City Service Week called success

During the week of Oct. 20-24, the city of Salisbury conducted its Second “Service Week,” focusing on the Presidents Area and Snow Hill Road area neighborhoods.

Participating departments were Department of Public Works, Salisbury Police Department, Salisbury Fire Department, Building Permits and Inspections, and Neighborhood Services & Code Compliance.

Salisbury Police performed “Knock & Talks” throughout the neighborhood and opened the Princeton Homes Substation welcoming residents to visit. The Salisbury Fire Department knocked on doors offering free smoke alarm checks.

The Department of Neighborhood Services & Code Compliance evaluated properties for potential property maintenance issues and educated occupants of those possible concerns. The Department of Public Works performed a great deal of work in this area, ranging from cleaning storm drains to repairing sidewalks.

Activity by each department performed during “Service Week”:

Salisbury Fire Department

Structures Visited: 391

Granted Access: 91

Smoke Alarms Distributed: 30

Smoke Alarms Found Inoperable: 42 (batteries replaced)

Department of Public Works

Storm Drains Cleaned: 146

Street Lights Repaired: 5

Feet of Yellow Curbing Painted: 250

Feet of Sewer Main Cleaned: 6,163

Miles of Street Swept: 46

Total of Feet of Sewer Main Treated for Root Intrusion: 3,000-plus

Salisbury Police Department

Contacts Made with the Public: 100

Neighborhood Services & Code Compliance

Structures Visited: 400

Structures without Violations: 21

Structures with Possible Violations: 379

Tall Grass: 25

Weeds in Sidewalk: 7

Rubbish: 183

Vacant Buildings: 6

Abandoned/Inoperable Vehicles: 51

No Street numbers posted: 17

Exterior Violations: 86

Mayor Jim Ireton praised residents and city employees alike.

“We are ecstatic at the reception we received in this round of neighborhood sweeps,” the mayor said. “Making sure residents have working fire alarms, removing abandoned cars from streets and yards, fixing streetlights and sewer mains, and all the other work done is a testament to our departments and employees and the relationships they are building with our residents.”

He added: “My gratitude goes to many citizens who had kind words for our employees from every department.”

Ireton said city government will announce another geographic sweep at the beginning of 2015.

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