City skateboard park might be ready for Christmas

Construction on the new, long-awaited $279,000 skatepark on South Park Drive could start in late fall, and be open around Christmas.

On Aug. 11, Deborah J. Stam, director of community development for Salisbury, will present the final design of Phase I to the Salisbury City Council and ask for approval, plus a resolution of support for Phase II. The facility will be built on a vacant, city-owned lot at 921 South Park Drive, on a half-moon shaped clearing, Stam said.

Originally, it was hoped the park would be open by late summer, but, Stam said, “everything always tends to take longer than we think it will, and the designers a very busy group.”

Construction is likely to begin in late October.

Adira Construction Inc., based in Virginia, will build the park in partnership with Pillar Design Studios in Arizona and Artisan Skate Park Designers.

At the July 10 public input meeting, skaters discussed options and selected a design.

“There wasn’t a huge turnout but the people who came had a lot of good suggestions. They narrowed it down. The designer presented two concepts based on input received through the Salisbury Skatepark Facebook page,” Stam explained.

“The designer came up with two designs. The meeting attendees selected the design they liked best for Phase 1 and discussed how they would like to do Phase II. Phase I will have a bowl and street elements and Phase II will have additional assorted street elements,” Stam said.

Phase 1 will be independent, so skaters won’t have to wait for the second phase to start skating.

Stam said those who attended the input meeting were skaters, so they “all spoke the same lingo and they all knew what each other were saying when they talked about what flows best,” Stam said.

Discussions about building a skate park in Salisbury started seven years ago. “It’s been a long haul,” Stam said, “but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

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