District 2: Boda at long last breaks through for victory

After several failed attempts, Muir Boda has won a seat on the Salisbury City Council Tuesday, representing District 2.

Voters sent him to City Hall with 80 votes, leaving his challengers, all newcomers, well behind.

Opponent Keyvan Aarabi received 23 votes, Marvin Ames garnered 30 and Justin Gregoli, who could not be reached for comment throughout the campaign, got 4 votes.

A total of 1,444 people voted for mayor and City Council members in all five districts, representing 10.73 percent of the vote.

Absentee ballots haven’t yet been counted, according to the board of elections.

Boda’s name is familiar, since he’s run for office habitually, some might say. But he’s a man of determination, eager to put into motion ideas for working closely with legislators and the governor’s office to bring jobs to Salisbury.

He’s also looking forward to collaborating with Salisbury University and Wor-Wic Community College to provide job training.

He supports the city’s master plan and has a vision, that downtown will become the destination point of the Lower Shore. That means quality housing, culture, extinguishing the flame of heroin sales and abuse.

Every piece of legislation must be constitutional, he stressed, and outgoing Mayor Jim Ireton’s recently proposed law to control rent costs, which failed to get support from the City Council, might have been unconstitutional, he said.

“Stuff like that has to be really scrutinized. Only four states allow rent control. There are a significant number of states that have outlawed it, that don’t allow it … there are some concerns there,” he said.

Concerning juvenile crime, Boda believes city leaders have options other than implementing a curfew.

“That stuff puts a stigma on a city. There are people who won’t even invest in a city with that kind of stuff going on,” he said.

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