Downtown Wi-Fi project sees success


Mayor Jim Ireton and Director of Information Technology Bill Garrett have announced that Phase 3 of the Downtown Wi-Fi project has been completed.

Though only just launched on July 18, the newest phase is already a success, the officals said.

With the enhanced signal now available on the Plaza, the number of visitors to Third Friday who used the free municipal Wi-Fi Internet connection was up 74.25 percent compared to the numbers of the prior three Third Friday events and the recent Maxima Fest.

“The average of the prior three Third Friday events, as well as the Maxima Fest last month, in our downtown corridor were 43 sustained users with five minutes or more of Internet use,” Garrett said.

“With the recently launched Phase 3 of our Downtown Wi-Fi project and its enhanced and much stronger signal on the downtown corridor, many more people were able to take advantage, and the number of sustained users with the same five minutes or more of Internet use were 167.”

Ireton lauded the completed project.

“I am glad to see the citizens and visitors to our city are taking advantage of this great service we are offering in conjunction with our private industry partners, and hope it serves to build and revitalize the downtown area as much as we think it will,” the mayor said.

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