Greater Salisbury Committee selects officers, projects

The Greater Salisbury Committee held its this month and formally selected its new leadership for the coming term.

The Committee thanked its Outgoing Chairman, John J. Allen, Jr. and the three At-Large Executive Committee Members — Mike Delano, Brent Miller and Susan Wilgus-Murphy — for their service.

The incoming officers — Chairman Mat Tilghman, 1st Vice Chair Ron Boltz, 2nd Vice Chair Jim Hartstein and Secretary/Treasurer John Stern — were elected for the coming year along with At-Large Executive Committee Members David Ennis, Steve Franklin and Maria Waller.

The Work Program for 2016 was also presented and approved by the membership.  It includes continuing with the Education Task Force for another year to complete the work charge.

The Task Force’s charge includes implementation of the Mentoring Enhancement program, recommended previously, by publicizing the need for mentoring with at-risk kids and those in our public school system and developing methods to improve the public perception of our local school system, so that new and creative initiatives can be publicized and encourage students to proceed in a positive forward direction.

The 2016 Work Program also includes the Community Development Corporation Task Force set up to analyze CDC’s used in other communities around the country,  to assess whether it makes sense to initiate one for the Downtown Salisbury area to guide future development.

The Task Force will conduct interviews with other municipalities and/or invite representative to present findings to the Task Force, discuss results with the city of Salisbury and present a report on their conclusions.

The third and last Task Force for 2016 is a major effort to bring numerous youth organizations and school systems together  in concert with our community leaders (both religious and political) and law enforcement to implement solutions that no single entity has been able to accomplish and sustain.

The Task Force will act as convener, coordinator and planner for a process of community involvement whereby best practices, understanding of each mission, resources, metrics and assistance can be shared.

In addition, GSC is continuing its ongoing work at the Holly Center to keep it open for those in need and promote it as a respite center for the families dealing with developmentally disadvantaged relatives.

GSC is also continuing to promote Wallops Island Flight Facility and especially the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport as the fourth major job creator in our area along with Perdue Foods, Peninsula Regional Medical Center and Salisbury University/UMES.

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