Habitat for Humanity marks 61st home built in Wicomico County

A huge crowd of dignitaries, volunteers and community supporters showed up on Saturday for the dedication ceremony celebrating the 61st Habitat for Humanity home built in Wicomico County. The home at 735 East Isabella St. was dedicated and blessed by both Pastor Harvey Tyler and Habitat Board Member, the Rev. Benita Harris.

The house was funded in part by the city of Salisbury’s Community Development Block Grant of  $72,300. The rest of the monies raised to build the home came from generous donors and community grantmakers.

“This is a true partnership with State/Federal/City and community support. This is how this is supposed to work,” said Delegate Mary Beth Carozza.

Other dignitaries, including, state Sen. Jim Mathias, Salisbury Mayor Jim Ireton, City Council President Jake Day, as well as Councilmen Jack Heath and Tim Spies were there welcoming the Zickafoose family to the neighborhood.

The Zickafooses, who are disabled, have lived in Crisfield for the past 16 years and have moved to Salisbury to access services for Kevin’s learning disabilities and to be closer to the health services that PRMC offers.

The Zickafooses, Habitat’s newest homeowners, were chosen after a rigorous screening process that looks for people who are low income, have a need for decent housing and are willing to partner with Habitat to build their home.

Ability to pay is also important because Habitat sells the family the home with a 30-year, no-interest mortgage.

“Wayne logged 624 hours of sweat equity in building his home, along with other homes in the last couple of years. His requirement was 300 hours and he far exceeded the minimum. He has already signed up to work on other homes”, said Molly Hilligoss, Executive Director.

As a Christian housing ministry, Habitat for Humanity works in partnership with God and people of all faiths to make ownership of decent, affordable homes a matter of conscience and action.

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