Hello Salisbury! The Independent is here!


Today, we bring you the first issue of the Salisbury Independent.

 With a weekly circulation of 20,000 copies, Salisbury Independent will be mailed to some homes, hand-delivered to others and available on newsstands all around the city.

 Our fundamental goal is to provide hometown coverage of the Salisbury City and Wicomico County councils, our public and private schools, churches, civic clubs and organizations.

The Salisbury Independent will also publish in-depth reports on local government, while telling genuine stories about human aspirations and the accomplishments of its readers.

Salisbury Independent is owned and operated by Independent Newsmedia Inc. USA, a mission-driven company that supports every American’s First Amendment rights and encourages citizens to exercise those rights responsibly.

The Salisbury Independent will follow “the high road” in journalism, combining quality reporting and writing with the highest ethical standards.

 “We aim high to produce meaningful, accurate stories,” said Greg Bassett, the newspaper’s editor and general manager. “We will not take sides in our news coverage. We will cover the news straight and treat everyone fairly.”

 Added Bassett: “On the opinion pages, we will encourage the community to debate public issues fully and openly, and we’ll edit to keep the discussion within the bounds of fair play. We are dedicated to building our community and to making it a better place to live and work.”

In addition to the weekly print edition, Salisbury Independent will offer a digital and mobile news website, salisburyindependent.net. There, online and mobile users can read the top stories, monitor breaking news, and enjoy a mixture of photos and video, along with an updated calendar of events, classifieds and a comprehensive online business directory.

 Like the newspaper itself, salisburyindependent.net will be tightly focused on a core coverage area: the city of Salisbury and the surrounding communities.

 The Salisbury Independent has deployed an expert sales and marketing team that seeks to engage advertising customers through fair, affordable advertising rates.

Salisbury Independent’s sales and marketing team is comprised of Patricia Jester and Cathy Koyanagi, each of whom have deep experience in the Salisbury-area market.

“In today’s business climate, return on a business owner’s marketing investment is of the utmost importance,” said Independent Publisher Darel La Prade. “Our experienced team is trained to help our advertising partners reach their target market.”

Veteran reporter Susan Canfora will work with Bassett to produce news stories and determine coverage priorities. Canfora has been reporting news on the Lower Shore since 1987, when she joined The Daily Times. Canfora had broad weekly newspaper and digital news experience.

Content will also be provided by a growing group of freelancers and contributors. According to Bassett, a key concept in the newspaper’s success will be information sent in my community groups and organizations.

“We want to give people a voice,” said Bassett. “We want to provide a platform where they can communicate their good-doings and seek others to help in their causes.”

Through INI’s role in the Delmarva Advertising Network, the Salisbury Independent can offer efficient cost-effective packages and plans that allow a business owner to expand their reach and market appeal regionally, through multiple community publications in Berlin, Ocean City, Seaford, Laurel, Cambridge, Georgetown, Bethany Beach, Rehoboth Beach, Lewes, Milford, Dover and Somerset County, Md.

Salisbury Independent will be printed by Delaware Printing Co., INI’s printing division based in Dover. Its production infrastructure includes one of the best newspaper presses in the nation, promising excellent reproduction of ads, photos and news content.

INI’s unique structure is designed to maintain local independence. The company is dedicated to community journalism and maintains newspapers and websites in Arizona, Delaware, Florida and Maryland.

As your community newspaper, we are committed to making Salisbury a better place. You can help support our mission by making a voluntary contribution to the newspaper.
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