Ireton-Chambers civil assault case takes a new twist

The judge who found Salisbury Mayor Jim Ireton guilty of civil assault, but not liable for malice toward a former city employee has, for the second time, reversed his decision, baffling the mayor.

“Nobody, including the lawyers, is quite sure what is going on,” Ireton said this week.

“We filed a motion on the 12th of this month, April, to reverse the reversal of the reversed. If you read that and don’t know what’s going on, you are in the same boat as me,” Ireton said.

Ireton and former assistant city administrator Lore Chambers were originally in court in December last year, following a July 2013 argument that led to the mayor firing Chambers.

They had disagreed about her method of applying for the city administrator’s position and she refused to go with the mayor to the human resources department.

Late last year, she took him to court, claiming  he made her feel threatened, causing her fear and nightmares.  She asked for a financial settlement, but it wasn’t granted.

In late January, Judge Sidney S. Campen reversed the finding from December and determined Ireton was not guilty of civil assault, either, wiping his record clean, as Ireton’s public information officer, Chris Demone, phrased it.

Most recently, Judge Campen again reversed his decision.

Attorney Mark Tilghman, who works for the city, said this week the case isn’t finalized yet and is likely to be appealed.

“The judgment has been modified multiple times. The plaintiff was awarded nothing in damages. The characterization of that judgment may be appealed … the case is not over for either party,” Tilghman said.


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