Ireton lobbies lawmakers on tax fairness

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Mayor Jim Ireton was expected to be in Annapolis this week, with the Maryland Mayors’ Association, to lobby for statewide tax fairness.

Ireton, first vice president of the mayors’ association, planned to lobby  in support of House Bill 690, the Property Tax Fairness Act of 2015.

The bill was introduced by Delegate Carol Krimm, D-MD 3A, and seeks to re-categorize remaining counties in Maryland from “may” produce a tax setoff for municipalities to “shall” produce a tax setoff for municipalities.

That means counties must provide a property tax setoff if a county and municipality within the county are providing parallel services paid for with property tax dollars, according to a news release issued by the mayor’s office.

Under current law, Wicomico County may provide a tax setoff for duplicated services, but it isn’t required.

“Maryland counties have balanced their budgets on the backs of Maryland cities for far too long. I come to Annapolis on behalf of Salisbury, Delmar, Fruitland, Ocean City, Crisfield, and the more than 900,000 Marylanders who live in municipalities that are taxed by counties,” Ireton stated in a news release.

He referring to his visit to the state’s capital as “My Mr. Ireton goes to Annapolis moment.”

“These overtaxed citizens are waiting for those who promised tax relief to make good on those promises. HB690 is tax fairness. HB690 is smart growth. HB690 is long overdue,” Ireton stated.

“I urge Governor Hogan, Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver, Delegates Carl Anderton, Mary Beth Carozza, Johnny Mautz, Chris Adams, and Sheree Sample-Hughes to support this legislation. I join mayors that represent hundreds of thousands of Marylanders to say it’s time to end double-taxation. Pass the Property Tax Fairness Act of 2015,” he stated.

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