John Pick, former Salisbury administrator, resigns Colorado post

John Pick, the long-serving Salisbury city administrator who departed in 2013 for a similar job in Colorado, has resigned his position there.

According to a report in the Denver Post, Pick resigned earlier this month, the day after Northglenn city leaders held a closed meeting in which Pick’s performance was reviewed.

Pick was appointed Northglenn city manager in May 2013 and left Salisbury the next month. At the time. Pick explained his career move would place him closer to his grown children and their families.

In Salisbury, Pick’s service spanned the tenures of three different mayors: W. Paul Martin, Barrie P. Tilghman and Jim Ireton.

Pick began his career with Salisbury in January 1995. Previously, he had served as city manager in Fort Madison, Iowa; assistant city manager in Jacksonville, N.C.; and town manager in Hope Mills, N.C.

Pick holds a master’s degree in Public Administration degree from the University of North Carolina and a bachelor’s in Public Administration from the University of Arizona.

According to the Denver Post, Northglenn paid Pick an $88,130.70 severance that breaks down to six month’s salary plus accrued leave time.

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