Mayor-elect Day promises ‘a new era in Salisbury’

Tuesday was an exciting day for newly elected Mayor Jake Day, who proclaimed it, “the beginning of a new era in Salisbury.”

“There are few honors in life like being uncontested in the race for mayor of your hometown. I think finally the people of Salisbury believe in one future and want to get there together. I look forward to leading us to better days,” a victorious Day said.

He received 1,248 votes. A total of 1,444 people voted for mayor and all five districts, representing 10.73 percent of registered voters. Absentee ballots haven’t yet been counted, according to information provided by the board of elections.

Day, eager and well liked, an urban planner and new father, most recently served as City Council president. As mayor, he succeeds outgoing Mayor Jim Ireton, who will remain in office until Day is sworn in Nov. 16, then take a seat on the City Council.

Ireton was victorious in his bid for a City Council seat, receiving 207 votes. Challenger Roger Mazzullo got 154.

During his positive campaign, Day, 33, focused on a bright future for the city on the brink of renaissance and predicted Salisbury will be not only prosperous but the “crystal clear capital of the Eastern Shore.”

“We will be the envy of other communities similar in size to us. We will feel more like a university town and less like a town with a university in it. We will have a better Downtown,” he said.

His ambitious goals include making the city competitive, vibrant and growing, one that boasts an enviable quality of life.

“We must invest in our heart and soul. We must do something to ensure the future for the youth of our city,” he said, adding he wants a bright future not only for his 2-month-old daughter, but for all youth.

“In 20 years, Salisbury would have a brand and a spirit that match. I see us continuing to grow. I see us being a more economically diverse place with more medium-sized businesses. Large industries will begin to grow with us,” Day said.

 “I will be working full time, day and night, for you. My name is Jake Day and I’m excited to be your next mayor,” he said.

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