Salisbury’s new debris boom keeping trash from river


Mayor Cleanup 2

To help keep the Wicomico River clean, a 42-foot floating debris boom has been placed where some of the most trash-strewn in the city flows.

As litter goes into the waterway from the City Park area from storm drain outfalls or direct runoff, it is caught in the boom and can’t move farther downriver or possibly upriver.

The  boom also  traps some debris on the downstream side, meaning it works whether the tide is going in or coming out, the press release stated.

Public Works employees will retrieve, and dispose of, debris.

The boom is across the east branch of the river, upstream of the Route 13 Bridge, where the east prong of the river flows from City Park into Downtown Salisbury.

The boom is in a non-navigable section of the river.

Public Works will monitor the debris boom daily and collect and dispose of it weekly. City employees said the boom is successful.

The debris barrier is permitted by a Maryland Department of the Environment Wetland License.


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