Photo Gallery: Salisbury Dance For Kindness 2016

Grace Foxwell Murdock was able to beckon hundreds of good-hearted people to North Division Street on Sunday to participate in Dance for Kindness 2016.

A worldwide event, the expression of benevolence started five years ago and has now made it debut in Salisbury.

After the flash freeze, dancers broke into a flash mob dance.

The event was filmed by and sent to New York to become part of the Worldwide Dance for Kindness 2016 montage that will be broadcast internationally, Murdock said.

She and co-leader Jennifer Whittington organized the afternoon dance.

“The idea is to educate, empower, unite and engage people in  kindness. Dancing was chosen because music and dance are a fun platform for people to connect. It’s non-threatening and just fun,” Murdock said.


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