Rescuers to be honored for Salisbury water rescue

Four nursing home employees will be honored by Salisbury officials after they helped pull a man from a car in the Wicomico River, saving his life.

Mayor Jake Day said the men will receive awards at the July 8 City Council meeting, set for 6 p.m. in the Government Office Building.

The Anchorage Healthcare Center employees were returning from a lunch break last Monday when a car in the parking lot jumped the curb in reverse and went into the river, said Andrew Lunn, a nurse at the facility.

“I heard him going over the curb, then I turned and saw the car going in the river,” Lunn said.

He and the others ran to the edge of the Riverwalk. The car was floating on the surface, and the driver called out.

“He rolled down the window and said, ‘What should I do?’,” Lunn said.

Lunn soon dove into the river, told the man to unbuckle his seatbelt, roll the window down all the way and lean out as far as he could. As the car started to fill up with water, Lunn pulled the driver out.

Meanwhile, three other Anchorage employees, Steven Price, Josh Mechalske and Greg Andrews, called 911, threw life preservers toward Lunn and then helped pull both men out of the river.

The 55-year-old driver suffered only minor injuries after he accidentally backed his car into the river, the Salisbury Police Department said in a Twitter post. Police did not identify the man.

The vehicle was pulled from the river later that day by the Salisbury Fire Department, using divers and a crane.

Lunn, 52, a Georgetown resident, said he didn’t think twice about diving into the river. “I’ve been swimming for a very long time,” he said.

One of his favorite pastimes is going to the beach with his three children, and all of them are strong swimmers.

“The ocean, you have to respect it,” he said. “So they all learned early on.”

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