City’s capital plan includes cash for police cars

Mayor Jim Ireton will send the Salisbury City Council a $63 million annual Capital Improvement Plan that includes critical projects including transportation, storm water management, parking, water and sewer systems.

The plan is the city’s “proposed multi-year blueprint for funding maintenance and improvements of its publicly owned infrastructure,”  according to a news release  from the mayor’s office.

“Infrastructure projects are good for Salisbury’s and the Eastern Shore’s economy,” Ireton said.

“These large CIP projects — such as Beaverdam, the Main Street master plan and storm drain, along with 2014’s Coty Cox Branch flood relief project, the Isabella Street water line replacement and pump stations at Fitzwater Street, Hampshire Road and Parkside — are projects that will be under construction for 18 to 24 months,” he said.

“These infrastructure projects represent force multipliers that are good for our economy and keep and create jobs and demand for services, including general contractors, consulting engineers, electrical contractors, mechanical contractors, geotechnical consultants, equipment suppliers, and paving contractors,” the mayor said.

Among projects in the general fund category are: $225,000 for five police vehicles; $1.1 million for residential paving; $105,000 for curb, gutter, sidewalk, street repair, storm drain repairs; and $10,000 for pollution removal  and the Wicomico River.

In the bonded debt category are: $2.2 million for Phase II of the Main Street Master Plan, East Main Street; $350,000 for the East Main Street storm drain; $1.2 million for Beaverdam Creek Dam Repairs and $218,000 for Germania Circle flood relief .

In the lease purchase fire department and public works category are: $199,000 for three EMS units; $40,800 for one sanitation vehicle, $24,718 for a dump truck and $30,500 for a bucket truck.

Among paving projects are: Booth to Lake  streets in the city limits, Brown Street  from the railroad tracks to Truitt Street, Circle Avenue from South Division to Carroll Street; Glen Avenue from Beaglin Park to the city limits; Glen Avenue from Main Street to Long Avenue, Kendall Street from South Division  to Roger Street, Pennsylvania Avenue from Camden Avenue to Riverside Drive, Pinehurst Avenue from Smith Street to Route 13, Schumaker Wood Road from North Schumaker to Briarcliff Road, Smith Street from South Boulevard to College Avenue, South Boulevard from Riverside Road to Riverside Drive, Stonegate Drive from North Schumaker to Zircon and Whittier Drive from Emerson Avenue to the end of the road.

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