Salisbury council to take up Route 13 Corridor Plan

Mayor Jake Day will forward the Route 13 Corridor Plan, titled “Transforming U.S. 13 into Salisbury Boulevard,” to the City Council this week. The plan is the result of a study and design charrette conducted by the city’s Planning Department at Day’s direction.

One of Salisbury’s busiest arteries for automobile traffic, the Route 13 Corridor has long presented a less-than-ideal face to those who travel along its 4 miles.  The corridor is a hodgepodge of zones, with single-family residences next to shopping centers, and power lines creating vertical visual clutter.

The goal of the U.S. 13 Corridor Plan is to transform the corridor and surrounding communities through beautification, improved pedestrian safety, and economic development.

Last summer, the city hosted a community charrette to brainstorm ideas and opportunities along Salisbury Boulevard. The charrette focused on developing a vision for the corridor as a whole, and for each of the six “character zones” along the route, which the report identified.

The charrette brought forth ideas for redevelopment opportunities, infill construction, and rail-trail development.

“In partnership with the businesses along the Route 13 corridor and the State Highway Administration, the city is eager to turn this highway from a liability into an asset for our economy,” Day said. “Our businesses deserve a more attractive and better planned corridor and this plan sets us on the path to a Route 13 that works for all of us.”

The Route 13 Corridor Plan will be presented to the City Council in work session on Monday at 4:30.

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