Salisbury Festival enjoys a successful return

Last weekend’s Salisbury Festival, resurrected after an absence of a couple of years, drew about 2,000 people each day, who munched on traditional foods, rolled on carnival rides and tapped their toes as bands played.

“It was a great success,” said Jamie Heater, director of the city’s Arts & Entertainment District.

“The weather was beautiful, the crowds were beautiful. We had zero problems. Nobody went into the river. It was a great weekend,” she said.

Most visitors spent an hour or two at the festival.

“What I tried to do was even out the attendance. In the festival’s history, Friday night was always the night when everybody came, then Saturday was carnival day and vendor day then they didn’t do much on Sunday expect for the carnival. We evened it out and had entertainment all day Sunday,” she said.

Perhaps the highlight was the petting zoo. Each day, the owner of the Look Pretty, Play Dirty Mobile Petting Farm had hand-raised, tame animals on display.

“We had a local girl, Kacie Ball, who is USDA licensed. She has farm animals and shows them on circuit. She grew up in 4-H. She showed goats. She had a baby cow one day, a duck, a sheep. It was one of the favorite parts of the festival,” Heater said.

There were no fights or crimes at the event, although one person who had several outstanding warrants was recognized by police and arrested, Heater said.

There are plans to bring the festival back next year, although Heater vowed there will be oyster fritters, which were sorely missed by locals this year.

“It’s a tradition. We acknowledged their feedback and we will be sure and fix that next time,” Heater said.


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